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京都のおかん(母親)発ベンチャーのFamily Experience Japanは、海外からの子連れ観光客にむけて、異文化体験を通じて学びが得られる「体験型」託児サービス「サクラキッズクラブ」を2か所、で展開中。


【国際こども祭り】 日時: 3/29(⾦)12-15時、30(土)及び31(日) 10時-15時 
場所:だるま寺JR円町から徒歩5分 (京都駅より円町駅までJR嵯峨野線にて約9分)

【Family Experience Japanとは】

名称:Family Experience Japan  (株式会社たおやかカンパニー)
URL: https://familyexperience.jp/
(日本語) https://familyexperience.jp/interested/


At a machiya within walking distance from Kyoto Station as well as Daruma Temple, “Sakura Kids Club”  open March 25. ~Specializing in inbound tourist families with children~

Family Experience Japan (Taoyaka & Co. Rep. Miho Akasaka), a venture started by moms in Kyoto, will open at two locations on March 25. Family Experience Japan is aimed at foreign travelers in Kyoto with their children and will offer experiences while providing childcare in which the tourists can learn some differences in their cultures and Japanese culture.

At resorts abroad, it is common for kids to participate in activities for children while their parents enjoy their own time without kids. Thinking that kids’ programs like that are especially needed in urban areas where kids are easily bored while sightseeing, local mothers with the help of specialists in education and childcare created this kids’ program.

You can try the short version of Sakura Kids & Family Club at the International Kids Festival fom March 29 – March 31. While Kids are enjoyoing our programs, parents can try activities such as Japanese tea ceremony and zen meditation experience for just one coin (500 yen). We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

[International Kids Festival]
Date: March29(Fri)12pm-15pm、30(Sat)and 31(Sun) 10am-15pm
Location: Horinji (Daruma Temple) – about a 5 minute walk from JR Enmachi Station
Including: Kyoto experiences (Japanese ink painting, yuzen, tea ceremony, photograph wearing a kimono), festival stands including foods *Handmade craft market on March 31.  

[Sakura Kids Club Overview]
– Sakura Kids Club – Karasuma Gojo
Based in the heart of Kyoto within walking distance from Kyoto Station and Shijo Karasuma, the Karasuma Gojo location is in a “machiya” or traditional house. Children can enjoy learning while participating in traditional activities such as ink painting, as well as neighborhood walks.

– Sakura Kids & Family Club – Enmachi Daruma Temple
A zen temple built 300 years ago and home to 8000 “daruma” dolls, here children can see the training of young Buddhist monks, and experience Zen through activities such as handicrafts.
While children enjoy their time at the temple, parents can enjoy their own time at the temple as well with experiences such as Japanese tea ceremony at a traditional tea house and zen meditation.

[About Family Experience Japan]
Family Experience Japan was created in the summer of 2018 with the goal of providing opportunities for families traveling to Kyoto to enjoy their time here even more.
In addition to our program which capitalises on local moms’ know how in education and childcare, we also offer our services in helping other local businesses interested in reaching out and offering their services to foreign visitors.

[Contact Information]
Family Experience Japan (Taoyaka & Co.)
Location: Kyoto City
E-mail: info@familyexperience.jp
URL: https://familyexperience.jp/ 



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